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About IMS Solutions Group

IMS Solutions Group is the leading provider of managed IT services for customers in the Carolinas and Midwest. Our IT services can be customized to augment an existing IT team or provide full-service IT support.

Managed Services

IMS Solutions Group’s comprehensive suite of services can support your business needs and ensure optimal performance of your resources, regardless of how much help you need.

strategic guidance

Strategic Guidance

Developed to provide big company perspective on a smaller scale, our Strategic Guidance helps ensure that every IT decision you make improves your ability to service your customers and increase profitability.



Cyberattacks are constantly evolving and growing more sophisticated, requiring a robust security solution. IMS Solutions Group’s Managed Security will help detect, visualize and take action against attacks, keeping you protected.

microsoft solutions

Microsoft Solutions

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, IMS Solutions Group is able to support our clients across Microsoft’s Cloud Solution subscriptions, including Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Whether you are new to the service and need a hand getting setup or want to upgrade services, we can help.

endpoint management

Endpoint Management

IMS Solutions Group can manage your end users’ devices (e.g. workstations) including patching, asset reporting, auditing and more, or we can work with your IT team to provide an easier and more cost-efficient way for them to do the same.

infrastructure management

Infrastructure Management

Our certified industry experts can manage your core IT infrastructure to ensure that your business remains up and running no matter what.

service desk

Service Desk

IMS Solutions Group’s trained and certified technicians are able to troubleshoot and resolve your users’ issues from basic password resets to more advanced problems. We offer escalating Tier 1, 2 and 3 support depending on your needs.

backup services

Business Continuity

IMS Solutions Group’s business continuity service is scalable, configurable and highly reliable, ensuring your organization’s mission-critical data and applications are constantly protected, retained and available, whether you need file, web, application, database or system backups and disaster recovery.

Stay in the Know

The IT industry is fast-moving. Explore our carefully curated resources to stay up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge.

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How Managed Services Can Help Your Industry

Our industry-specific IT solutions keep your business a step ahead of the game by fostering increased productivity, better time management, and improved quality of work.

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