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What SLA do you provide for customers?

As part of our SLA, IMS operates under a 4-hour response time (maximum). Our framework is built on ITIL standards and considered best practices in our industry. Additionally, one of our operational goals is same day resolution on all tickets; as such, we motivate our staff to drive issues to resolution, quickly and accurately.

As a customer, what is the best way to start a support ticket?

There are two best practices for requesting help from IMS: use our customer portal or, for emergencies, call. If you have an outage (what we call P1 or P2 issues), pick up the phone and call immediately. If you have a request or want to schedule service, click on our logo from your system tray or open the webpage From within the portal, click on “Support” from the left side and then chose the appropriate option.

Does IMS provide 24 x 7 service desk?

Our standard operational hours are 8a to 6p ET. After hours, our phone service will triage or catalog incoming calls. If there is a service outage caused by infrastructure or network, we have escalation engineers on call 24 x 7 x 365.

What does your helpdesk service provide?

This service, from 8a to 6p ET, allows our subscribers to get help with accessing and operating their workstations and navigating business standard applications from the Microsoft Office suite. We provide the low-level assistance from password resets and account management, up to troubleshooting remote access and managing third party application vendors.

As a customer, even if I don’t subscribe to the helpdesk service, can I still use your helpdesk?

Yes, but there will be an additional cost for that support. We bill on 15-minute increments and charge between $150 and $250 per hour, depending on the timeframe, urgency, and complexity. For the rare and occasional ticket, this is a very cost-effective way to get the help you need when you need it. Please understand that SLAs apply to subscribed services, and these requests earn priority due to commitments.

Does IMS do break-fix computer/server work?

We are not your traditional managed services provider. We require workstations and servers to maintain manufacturer (or other) warranty and will manage the vendor to resolve break-fix issues. Our preference is deploying services that are ultimately resilient and flexible, quite often helping our customers navigate digital transformation into cloud-based solutions.

What is HaaS (Hardware as a Service)?

This service allows IMS to provide our customers with a fully managed network, including hardware and licensing, at a low monthly rate. This style of service converts costly networking appliances from a Capital Expense to an Operational Expense. Quite frequently, this model’s total cost of ownership is less than what you would pay another company to procure and manage a network.

What does support look like during a holiday?

IMS follows the national holiday schedule with two exceptions at Thanksgiving and Christmas (we have two days around those holidays). Our phone service will triage and catalog issues during holidays and if there is a high-priority outage, our escalation engineers are contacted (who are available 24 x 7 x 365). We wish the gremlins didn’t come out during holidays but somehow, they don’t always comply with our wishes.

Do you provide cyber security services?

Yes we can. The best way to help secure your environment is by talking to our teams and sharing what problem(s) you are trying to solve. We maintain in-house security expertise, best-in-practice security tools, and partnerships with industry-recognized providers.

As a customer, how will you communicate with me and my company?

Each customer is assigned an Account Executive and a Technical Account Manager. We have established cadences of proactive outreach where we review your needs and services, as well as inventory, lifecycle, security, and more. Additionally, important company information is shared via our customer portal, website, and newsletter. Lastly, our service desk knows how to drive resolution to all your needs. Submit a ticket with your question and they will insure it is answered promptly.

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