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Your data is the very backbone of your organization. It’s too important to lose, especially when protecting it is so easy. With IMS Solutions Group’s scalable, configurable and highly reliable backup services, you can ensure your organization’s mission-critical data and applications are constantly protected and retained.

With experience in virtual systems and more than 40 operating systems and databases, IMS Solutions Group is well-positioned to support you.

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Customized Backups

IMS Solutions Group’s backup solutions support file, web, application, database and operating system backups. All of our backup offerings are scalable from 10GB to hundreds of petabytes with customized backup and retention schedules per your requirements.

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Backup Restoration

IMS Solutions Group’s goal is to make backups and restorations as easy for our clients as possible. Our solution offers a user interface that makes self-service restores a breeze, enabling you to start restoring a single file, a full virtual machine, or even a database from your database server within 60 seconds.

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24/7/365 Support

IMS Solutions Group’s trained and certified staff handles 24/7/365 management and monitoring of your backups. This includes running through test restores, providing console usage assistance and, most importantly, assisting with file and system restores.

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Migration Support

We can help you migrate from legacy solutions to a solution fully managed by IMS Solutions Group, so no additional training or expertise is required. We make sure your workstations, servers and virtual machines are backed up, verified and monitored on a schedule that makes sense for your business.

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We offer offsite vaulting with deduplication and compression as well as offsite media services and media rotation. Backing up data to another site, whether through electronic or physical means, ensures your data can be reloaded with the latest version in the event of a disaster, error, or system crash.

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