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More than likely, your company owns at least one endpoint device per employee. It may be a desktop computer assigned to an individual or it may be a workstation assigned to a room that they rotate through. Regardless, these machines need to be properly managed to ensure that your employees are able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

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endpoint management

For in-house IT teams, managing your end users’ devices—patching, asset reporting, auditing and more—takes up a substantial amount of time. If you don’t have an IT team, then it’s not happening at all, which leaves your systems vulnerable.

IMS Solutions Group provides full endpoint management as well as endpoint management assistance for companies with in-house IT teams. Our user-friendly system enables in-house IT teams to handle these tasks more quickly and easily and for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase the tool yourself. As always, IMS Solutions Group’s certified technicians are also available to manage this process to ensure that you stay secure and up to date.

Service & Support Solutions

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Remote Desktop

If an employee has a computer issue that can only be addressed by accessing the device, it’s often easiest to remotely control the device. With remote desktop, the technician can gain a deeper understanding of the issue and the steps taken to recreate it, all without having to leave their own desk.

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Patch Management

Patches are key in ensuring that your devices remain at peak performance while also being protected from viruses and malicious actors. With endpoint management, you can make certain that the correct patches are being issued to the correct devices, all in a timely manner.

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When device changes need to be made on a mass scale—like pushing out new software or putting in security policies—you have two options. You can visit each workstation to make the change, or you can automate the change so that, once activated, all the workstations are updated at once. IMS Solutions Group’s Endpoint Management tool enables you to utilize automation for an easier and faster way to ensure your company’s devices are standardized.

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Audits and Reporting

Now you can know when employees are logged in to your system, when they’re engaged and when they’re accessing which devices. Not only can this help increase employee productivity, it can be key to your business’ compliance and security structure. The log may show that an employee’s ID is logged into two very different locations at once, or it may show that the ID is being used to access something they have no reason to access—both indicators that something is amiss.

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Asset Inventory Reporting

IMS Solutions Group offers a simpler way to monitor and manage your devices. It helps your IT team—whether that’s IMS Solutions Group or your own in-house team—track what devices you own, whether any renewals or warranties are coming up, if you’re due for an upgrade, etc. It can also help ensure that more portable devices, like laptops or notebooks, don’t go missing.

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