Support for Your Core IT Infrastructure

Maintaining your core IT infrastructure is key to keeping your business running but doing so is challenging at best. If you have an IT team, they’re likely being pulled in multiple directions, making it nearly impossible to stay on top of the constant pace of change required to properly manage your infrastructure.

If you don’t have in-house IT staff, key updates and maintenance activities probably aren’t occurring, causing security and performance issues.

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Remove the day-to-day operational requirements for managing your infrastructure by allowing IMS Solutions Group to monitor and provide technical management.

Our certified engineers will provide focused management and constant monitoring to your infrastructure, whether your system includes firewalls, wireless systems, cloud and/or server set-ups.

Service & Support Solutions

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Equipment Configuration & Maintenance

From the initial set up of your infrastructure components to ongoing adjustments, IMS Solutions Group will be available to configure and maintain your core IT infrastructure. We ensure hardware receives scheduled maintenance along with system patches and firmware updates as necessary—all to make certain your system stays secure and up-to-date.

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Monthly Hardware Reviews

As part of our equipment maintenance, IMS Solutions Group will perform monthly hardware reviews. We will determine if any of your hardware needs to be updated or phased out and will decide the best course of action based on input from our best-in-class hardware partners and senior staff. These reviews allow you to improve your infrastructure’s efficiency and reliability.

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System Monitoring

IMS Solutions Group provides 24/7/365 performance and availability monitoring with alerts configured to match your needs and industry best practices. We treat your data and systems with the same care we show our own, ensuring that we have support engineers available to assist with alert response and remediation, regardless of time or day. Should an issue arise, we’ll resolve it quickly, no matter what.

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Technical Integrity Protection

IMS Solutions Group’s support services will undertake any changes required to protect and maintain the technical integrity of your hardware. Whether we are maintaining your existing hardware or helping you choose and install a new piece, we will make sure it is done properly. IMS Solutions Group takes pride in working with the best technology partners in the industry allowing us to help you choose the best piece of equipment for you and your budget in addition to assisting with installation and maintenance.

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Interactive Support

IMS Solutions Group’s trained and certified engineers are able to provide true troubleshooting and issue resolution to solve any problem that arises. This team is located in the United States and if a tech needs to come on-site to assist, you will work directly with the tech who has provided you remote support, ensuring they are informed and updated before they get to you.

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