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Cyberattacks are constantly evolving, with new and complex ways to avoid detection and exploit your network—and it only takes one exposed vulnerability for a cyberattack to wreak havoc on an entire company. Whether your business is large or small, it is critical to have a security solution that prevents attacks, discovers threats and enables your business to quickly recover from any attacks that do occur.

Handling security in-house can be difficult.

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The required expertise is frequently outside the budget most organizations have in mind and implementing, managing and monitoring security technologies can be a headache. That’s why IMS Solutions Group offers a comprehensive security program expertly designed to help you handle your security needs with confidence.

Service & Support Solutions

Security Basics & Training

When it comes to security, every company needs four basic things: antivirus, firewall, regular security patches and training. IMS Solutions Group can help you choose the system that is best for you plus take on the burden of managing your patching and maintenance schedule to ensure your systems stay up-to-date and uncompromised. Finally, because human error accounts for 93% of all breaches investigated, IMS Solutions Group can train your employees on how to identify and avoid malicious attacks.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web is where criminals go to sell stolen goods, including any data they’ve stolen from you. In the normal course of things, you wouldn’t know that someone had stolen your data until your credentials were used against you – but with Dark Web Monitoring, we can alert you before that happens. IMS Solutions Group will search the Dark Web’s message boards, database dumps and sales forums and alert you when your credentials are found.

Detection, Visualization and Action

IMS Solutions Group can install a sensor inside your firewall to monitor the traffic of a network segment and detect any suspicious activity. If anything is detected, you can easily visualize your threat via our web-based application designed to give you full access to view what’s happening on your network. Finally, our Security Operations Center will help you validate and escalate real threats for fast remediation.

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Endpoint Detection & Response

Antivirus software does a great job of detecting threats to your system, but they can’t detect brand new (aka Zero Day) threats. IMS Solutions Group’s Managed Endpoint Detection & Response uses AI to detect and prevent current and emerging threats, keeping you protected. And if a ransomware attack does slip through, we can help you roll back your devices to their pre-infection state.

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Audits & Reporting

Knowing when and what employees are logged in to your system is key to your business’ compliance and security structure. The log may show that an employee’s ID is logged into two very different locations at once, or it may show that the ID is being used to access something they have no reason to access—both indicators that something is amiss. Now you can be alerted before it’s too late.

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