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Whether or not you have an IT staff, the Service Desk is the perfect candidate for outsourcing. There will always be an employee locked out of email or unable to print and those problems need to be solved so your employees can get back to work.

For in-house IT staff, the Service Desk is a necessary evil. It needs to be taken care of, but the work that drives your company forward isn’t getting accomplished at the Service Desk.

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We can handle any support task, regardless of size.

Using IMS Solutions Group for your Service Desk gives you access to trained and certified technicians to handle your employees’ issues.

From those basic password resets to more complex problems that would normally require senior engineering staff, our support team is prepared to assist. By choosing IMS Solutions Group’s Service Desk, you can ensure your IT is functioning at peak performance and free up your employees to truly improve your business.

Service & Support Solutions

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Multi-Tier Support
Tier 1

Support for basic customer issues and questions where the answer or resolution is easily documented and followed.

Tier 2

More in-depth technical support, provided by more experienced engineers with a more in-depth troubleshooting process.

Tier 3

Support for the most difficult questions, provided by the most senior engineering staff.

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Interactive Support

While IMS Solutions Group can certainly follow your company’s playbook, our trained and certified technicians are able to provide true troubleshooting and issue resolution to solve your users’ problems. What’s more, they have been trained to communicate in plain English, leaving tech jargon aside to more clearly communicate with your users.

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Advanced Ticketing

We don’t force our clients into a system with which they are not comfortable. Instead, our priority is fixing your problem. That means your employees will have the ability to call, email or submit a ticket via our online system depending on their preferences. We’ll get to work on addressing the issue immediately so your employees can get back to business as usual.

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Local Representatives

Your support team will be comprised wholly of IMS Solutions Group employees based in our Carolinas and Midwest locations. Our certified technicians work closely with you and with each other to ensure that everyone you talk to knows your systems and issues. Because your support team is so familiar with the ins and outs of your technical environment, it’s just like having an extension of your own IT staff on your side.

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