Technology Guidance for the Future

Technology holds a key place in a business’s success but without strategic guidance it is hard to know whether you’re making smart IT decisions. IMS Solution Group’s Strategic Guidance will help ensure that every IT decision you make improves your ability to service your customers and increase profitability.

Your technical account manager will help you plan and develop an IT strategy that aligns technology with your business goals by:

strategic guidance meeting
  • Identifying your technology risks and opportunities
  • Helping you maximize your IT spend
  • Providing guidance to ensure you receive the big business benefits of executive-level IT without increasing your current IT budget

Our goal is to ensure that you and your stakeholders are aware of and able to accomplish the business needs that fall under the IT umbrella.

Service & Support Solutions

Analyze Past Technology Investments

To fully maximize your current resources, IMS Solutions Group will complete a detailed assessment of past investments before you consider purchasing additional equipment or upgrades. We will help you pursue solutions within your current infrastructure that improve productivity and streamline operations. These reviews will also be done regularly on a go-forward basis to ensure that your goals are being met.

document review
In-Depth Documentation Review

To ensure you are meeting technical best practices, your technical account manager will conduct an in-depth review of your assets, their depreciation, organization health reports, vulnerability assessment results, standards and organization policy. As part of the review, we provide action items and build any long-term needs into your 3-year plan.

strategic plan
Develop 3-Year Technology Plan

IMS Solutions Group will help you develop methods to control spending while ensuring your IT is working to the best of its abilities. We work with you one-on-one to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing ongoing technology expenses. Furthermore, to ensure your technology investments don’t go to waste, we will help you develop employee training programs to maximize user adoption.

strategic guidance
Assist with Organizational Strategy

We want to ensure that your business processes work for you, not against you. To this end, we will implement change management controls, review and create onboarding and offboarding procedures and standards, undertake role-based planning initiatives and review and provide operational oversight on controls and accessibility.

Interface with Other IT Vendors

Rather than leaving you to try to explain your needs to your other IT vendors, your technical account manager will be available to ensure that they are fulfilling your needs. They can review current agreements, provide procurement assistance and maintain communications and change management procedures.

Don’t Make Another IT Decision Alone

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