Managed Infrastructure

We keep your core business systems up-and-running 24x7 so your business can maximize your output and operations.

Keep your business at maximum capacity

a cloud with a computer on top of it. Infrastructure is the core of your business; if allows you to make money and profits are maximized with it runs smoothly, effectively, and at all times. IMS manages, monitors, and secures your infrastructure (24x7x365) to give you the best opportunities for being more competitive in your markets.  servers, hypervisors, networks, Azure cloud servers, Azure cloud services, Active Directory, Microsoft 365

The infrastructure we support:

  • Windows servers and desktops
  • Network appliances (firewalls, routers, switches, and access points)
  • Azure environment (Active Directory, virtual servers, file services, VPNs)
  • Microsoft 365 (licenses, AD connect, Teams)
  • Backup and Continuity (local and cloud w/ DR as an option)
  • Security via best practices with options for additional capabilities (based on requirements)

IMS deploys remote and cloud-based monitoring tools to maintain complete awareness of your infrastructure and network.

Get resilient and flexible with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Your business isn’t static – why would you want that in your infrastructure? IMS helps businesses move off legacy hardware into technology models that support change and growth without sacrificing capabilities and service. Business can dump large capital expenditures and only pay monthly for the resources they need/use. That alone is a compelling argument but here are additional ABCs that IMS’ IaaS offers:

  • Accessibility without competing or degrading latency
  • Built-in backup and security (optional add-ons)
  • Comprehensive solutions designed to serve SMB/Es
  • Delivery models that suit the various needs of business teams
  • Experienced engineers deploying and managing the services
  • Faster upgrades with less downtime
  • Greater specificity in feature selection

Talk to our architects and engineers to find out how cloud-based IaaS provides your business with affordable flexibility, resilience, and overall security.

Get a fully managed network – as a service (NaaS)

IMS extends our capabilities to manage your network by also being providing the required hardware and licenses at an affordable monthly rate. We understand that SMB/Es require the functionality of business-class networking (infrastructure and service) but few retain the staff who can properly deploy, manage, and secure those assets. With more than 30 engineers on staff and effective cloud-based management tools, IMS gains 100% visibility into our partners’ networks and ensures they are fully functional at all times.

IMS’ NaaS includes:

  • Network appliance(s) and license(s)
  • Network assessment and design
  • Full management, monitoring, and best practice security
  • 24x7x365 support

Additionally, because your are getting networking as a service, there are no capital expenses when an appliance goes end-of-life or end-of-support. As long as you maintain the service, we’re responsible for maintaining the hardware, warranty, and licenses. This eliminates large capital expense spikes every three to five years.


Cisco Meraki

a black and green logo with the words Meraki Communications. 
a grey logo with the words Cisco.Cisco is a recognized industry leading network and security service provider. Meraki is a Cisco product line intended for the security conscious small-to-medium business. IMS specializes in Meraki deployments to provide secure networking, easily managed and monitored from a cloud-based portal. Talk to an IMS consultant today and let us help you choose the right network for your business’ needs.

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